Yowie Confectionery

Yowie confectionery is a character-moulded, 28 grms/1 ounce chocolate inclusion product. The Yowie chocolate is foil wrapped with one of six vibrant Yowie character foils designed specifically for strong retail shelf presence and instore impact. The Yowie chocolate encloses a Yowie character-shaped capsule with a limited-edition natural replica animal, or Yowie playmate, inside. Each carefully crafted, scientifically accurate Yowie playmate comes complete with a Yowie information leaflet, profiling the animal, its habitat, food sources, and threats to the animal and its environment. Each animal's conservation status is colour coded as critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, near threatened or not threatened.

Yowie playmates are designed to collect, swap and share in order to complete a collection series and as part of the Yowie experience. There is no way of knowing which wildlife you will get until you have opened the capsule. Yowie playmates are manufactured to the highest international standard and painted in food-grade ink.

The Yowie Premiere Launch Series comprised 24 playmates, 18 wildlife animals and 6 Yowie characters.

A second series – an All-Americas Collection – recently launched in the US market.