Yowie Brand

Yowie is a brand that appeals to all ages. The core brand message is ‘save the natural world’. Yowie is not just another toy or collectible. Educating children and adults about ecology and the environment is central to the Yowie proposition.

The Yowie brand is built around an extensive collection of superbly crafted limited-edition replicas of wild animals – many under the real threat of extinction. These Yowie wildlife playmates, carefully detailed to scientific specification, have been designed to foster a sense of wonder in the diversity and beauty of our natural world and to encourage learning through play. Play and learn is at the heart of Yowie.

The Yowie story is told through the adventures and exploits of the six endearing Yowie characters – Rumble, Boof, Crag, Ditty, Nap and Squish – their animal friends and their Grumkin adversaries.

The Yowie characters are your guides and companions on a magical journey into Yowie World – a digital experience full of environmental and ecological challenges and opportunities, shared through action-packed Yowie adventures loaded with fun, drama, excitement, and the precarious and hilarious situations in which the Yowie characters constantly find themselves.