Fact File

  1. Yowie is the creation of two Australian best-selling authors
  2. Many of the original Yowie illustrations are the work of noted Australian artist Ted Blackall
  3. Yowie was developed under the company name Kidcorp Pty Ltd
  4. More than just another toy or collectible, Yowie was designed to foster understanding and empathy for the natural world
  5. The Yowie mission statement is: ‘Save the natural world’
  6. Yowie was created around the concept of 'play and learn'
  7. The creators chose confectionery to carry their message
  8. There are six Yowie characters – Rumble, Boof, Ditty, Squish, Crag & Nap
  9. There are six magic lands, or domains, in the Yowie Kingdom, each made up of key natural habitats and each with its own Yowie guardian
  10. Rumble – The Redgum Yowie – Guardian of Sonoran Desert and Great Plains
  11. Boof – The Bottlebrush Yowie – Guardian of Rocky Mountains and Pacific Rainforest
  12. Ditty – The Lillipilli Yowie – Guardian of Eastern Woodland and Meadows
  13. Crag – The Mangrove Yowie – Guardian of Everglades and Swamps
  14. Nap – The Honeygum Yowie – Guardian of Northern Forests
  15. Squish – The Fiddlewood Yowie – Guardian of Great Lakes and Waterways
  16. The antagonists to the Yowie, the 'bad guys', are the Grumkin, representing human carelessness with the natural world
  17. The Yowie confectionery product comprises six individual Yowie foiled characters, 28 grms/1 ounce of Yowie character moulded chocolate, a capsule, a natural replica wildlife playmate with a Yowie information leaflet or Yowie Playmate Story
  18. Each Yowie wildlife playmate is designed and crafted under scientific supervision to create an exact replica of the wild animal as found in its natural habitat
  19. Each Yowie playmate is a limited edition, reflecting the vulnerability of the playmates themselves, many of which are under threat, or at serious risk of extinction
  20. Each Yowie playmate comes with a colour-coded information leaflet profiling the animal and indicating its conservation status:
    • Critically Endangered
    • Endangered
    • Vulnerable
    • Near Threatened
    • Not Threatened
  21. Yowie playmates have been designed to collect, swap and share
  22. Yowie playmates are manufactured to the highest-level specification for detail, quality and safety
  23. In 1993 Kidcorp entered into a partnership agreement with Cadbury ANZ to develop and commercialise the brand with Cadbury purchasing the rights to Cadbury ANZ managed territories (Asia Pacific up to but excluding China) from Kidcorp
  24. Kidcorp retained the rights to the rest of the world including the key growth markets of China, India and the US
  25. Yowie launched into the Australian and New Zealand markets in 1995
  26. To the delight of the creators Yowie soon became known as ‘confectionery with a conscience’ for its positive messaging, ecological positioning and cause-related support for conservation programs,
  27. With 27 grams of thin, moulded Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate the confectionery product was formatted to be suitable for sharing (with young children) or single serve (for adult)
  28. In its first full year on sale Yowie sold over 65 million confectionery units (3:1 population sales ratio) at a retail sales value of over $100 million
  29. Yowie became the No 1 single-unit confectionery line in the ANZ market
  30. Over 50% of sales were to consumers over the age of 18 years
  31. Over two million Yowie books were sold taking the brand to No 1 seller on the Australian children’s book list
  32. Yowie was rolled out into Singapore, Japan and the UK markets
  33. Yowie had an extensive brand-licensing program across food and non-food categories
  34. Yowie limited-edition wildlife playmates achieved an instant collector cult following
  35. Yowie swap groups sprang up across the country due to popular demand, as Yowie enthusiasts sought to complete their collections
  36. Dozens of Yowie fan websites were developed to showcase collections and facilitate playmate swapping and selling
  37. In 1997 Yowie won a series of awards including international awards at the prestigious Sial D’or industry trade show in Paris the ‘Best New Global Supermarket Product’ and the ‘Best New Global Confectionery Product’
  38. In Australia, Yowie won a ‘Best in the Business’ award from Business Review Weekly and the ‘Best New Australian Supermarket Product’ from the grocery retail trade plus the ‘Most Innovative & Best New Product’ from the grocery industry’s Foodweek Magazine. Yowie also was awarded a ‘Best New Product’ from Safeway Food Stores
  39. In July 2012 a full buy back of Cadbury owned rights from Kraft (Mondelez) was secured
  40. In December 2012 Yowie Group Limited (YOW) listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as a new global brand licensing company
  41. Yowie launched in the US market in 2014
  42. Yowie's major competitor is Kinder Surprise from the Italian-based Ferrero Group International, selling an (estimated) 2 billion Kinder Surprise units worldwide for a retail sales value (estimated) of around $ 3.5 billion

As at January 2017