Yowie Group Ltd

Yowie Group Ltd is a global brand licensing company specialising in the development of consumer products designed to promote learning, understanding and engagement with the natural world through the adventures and exploits of six endearing Yowie characters.

Educating children and adults about the environment and ecology is at the heart of the Yowie proposition.

Yowie Group employs its company-owned intellectual property rights in the outsourcing of the manufacturing and distribution of the Yowie chocolate confectionery product and in the development of a Yowie digital platform and Yowie branded licensed consumer products.

The Company’s vision for the Yowie brand includes distribution of Yowie product in North America, with further expansion planned into Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia, where the Yowie brand is known and brand equity remains strong, even with the brand not having been active in the market for around eight years. Expansion into Europe and the Middle East are key strategic priorities for a second-stage brand rollout.

Yowie Group Ltd was first listed on the Australian Securities Exchange www.asx.com.au in December 2012 under code name ‘YOW’. The Company’s registered head office is in Perth, Western Australia.